Episode Studio


Lounge chair

Lounge Share is a workshop of intensive collaborative creation. Several teams of 3 people : a designer, an engineer and an “handy person”, have less than 48 hours to make functional and finished objects by mixing upcycling and fast prototyping from waste and materials falls. 

The theme of this edition was “Rest.” With chipboard leftovers, we made a dodecahedron shaped structure. We wanted to create a cocoon object, a kind of nest where you can curl up and cut yourself off from the world. We then re-cut the opening to allow the user to see outside while maintaining the frontier feeling. The inside is padded with large pentagons pillows sewn with cloth and stuffed with bits of foam and straw. There are plenty ways to sit or lie down in, it isolates noise and dims the lights. It is a quiet place, a small bubble, propitious to reflection. Project made with François Alexandre Montfort and Gerald Mignotte. The prototype was sold by auctions in 2015.

This seat is today edited in two different versions (Light wood and dark wood). This project was exhibited in 2015 in Paris, at Cité de la Mode et du Design, Galerie Fauve, Design Days and Maker Fair and in 2016 in Palais de Tokyo.

© Pictures by Alfredo Salazar.