Episode Studio



Episode Studio is a French product and interior design studio created in 2018 by Nathan Baraness and Marina Daguet. It is based in Paris. After graduating from ECAL (École cantonale d'art de Lausanne) and learning from their respective experiences in New York, London and Milan, they have learnt to sharpen their look, and they have developed a personal approach to design.

Episode's driving force is curiosity, and its goal is to cultivate its multifaceted eclecticism. Passionate about antiques, Nathan and Marina like to draw inspiration from old or forgotten objects, their memories, or colorful finds. Their shapes are fed by varied, cosmopolitan influences which they have gleaned through their travels, or films they've loved.

Their formal language, which is quite raw and minimalist, leaves a lot of space for materials, whether they are precious or very industrial. They see their objects as proper characters, and like to play with proportions, magnify features or create imbalances to give them a real personality.